Foldify have been selected as Innovative Kids App in China and Creative Tool in Japan for the App Store Best of 2013!

14 years old Yash Banka created a short stop motion film about Steve Jobs using Foldify app!

Foldify received Children’s Technology Review “Editor’s Choice”, scored 93/100!

Village done at Birralee International School Trondheim, Norway, using Foldify!

Foldify 1.2

Foldify 1.2 with Color Book mode is now available on App Store. Additionaly we improved stability and fixed crash because of iOS 6.1.3 bug.

Foldify received “Appaward” in Entertainment category in competition for best Polish applications!

Foldify featured on App Store “10 Apps That WOW”!

“Simple yet completely engrossing, this iPad-tailored app gives you the means to create actual foldable paper toys. Start by designing highly customizable characters, cars, and buildings on screen, then print and fold them into real, physical paper creations.”

Foldify 1.1

Foldify 1.1 with highly expected features like photo import, eye dropper and color fill is now available on App Store. Additionaly Foldify 1.1 includes six new templates and bunch of new shapes.

Foldify received The FWA Mobile of the Day Award!

“How we created Foldify” article on WIRED

If you want to know how we created Foldify go to article published on WIRED.